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Training Requirements for Research Students

Research students at UCL are expected to take full advantage of the training on offer and should be aiming to participate in the Doctoral Skills Development Programme and/or appropriate other activities to a degree equivalent to two weeks per year.

Each training activity on the Doctoral Skills Development Programme website is assigned a number of points. A point is worth approximately ½ day of training: two weeks per year is therefore equivalent to 20 points per year.

Research students should therefore be aiming to accrue 20 points per year (60 points over 3 years, or 80 points over 4 years) from the courses on offer through the programme, departmental courses and other point bearing activities listed on this site.

Research Council Funded Students - Training Requirements

All Research Council funded research students are required by their funding bodies to participate in the Doctoral Skills Development Programme and/or appropriate departmental courses to a degree equivalent to two weeks per year of their funded studentship (ie 3 years for 3-year MPhil/PhDs and 4 years for 4-year PhDs, EngDs etc).

All students

Department may require that students reach a specific number of points (usually 20) before allowing upgrade presentation. Students are advised to check the specific requirements with their supervisors

Why should you record your training?

Recording your training will allow your supervisors and the department (Departmental Graduate Tutor, Departmental Administrators) to be informed about your activities. You may also want to keep detailed account of your training to use as proof of your development when you apply for future jobs.The verification of the accuracy of your record is conducted by your department.

How to record your training?

Doctoral Skills Development Programme

All training booked as part of the Doctoral Skills Development Programme will be automatically listed in your Research Log. To ensure that your record is up to date, please log in using the top option (for Research Log users) when booking a place.

External training

You can add to your profile any training relevant to your research, or professional development, including transferable skills. After attending a course provided by other UCL departments or external institutions, you can add the points in the My Department Training section of the DSDP Account or via your Research Log, under Skills & Courses > Add Courses > Department (direct link is here).

Please provide specific information on the training attended (course title, organiser) in a free text box, available after you click on the link. 

Finding the correct category:
  • Categories have a set value – when choosing a link please always check that it has the correct number of points (one point per session/half-day training, up to 10 points). Point value is more important than the category – you can always add relevant information in the text box.
  • External training options range from ½ day (or short session) to 5 days or more (e.g. Summer Schools). 10 points awarded for a 5-day training is the maximum for a single training event/activity.
  • UCL training can be logged using specific or generic links (e.g. UCL Advances – 3 day course or Attending external Training – 3 days).
  • Attending Master’s modules yields either 4 (“sitting in”) or 10 points for courses involving a significant amount of coursework (completing assessments, participation in the labs, writing essays). Please provide details of the coursework in the description box.
  • Check if the individual website for your request exists in our system. If you wish to add a course run by CLIE, SSEES, UCL Careers, ISD or Moodle Research Skills Module, please check our course list to find a dedicated page – e.g. Thesis Writing. Points will be logged when you click on the link in a grey box at the bottom of the page. 

Please note: DSDP does not provide individual transcript of attendance. Full list of training can be accessed in the Research Log here

Page last updated: 6th April 2016