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Masters QuickFix! Programme

Course Description

Masters QuickFix! Programme is a series of Careers Consultant led information sessions and workshops aimed at the needs of Masters students. These lunchtime talks will be useful to you whether your aim is to get a job on completion of your course or if you are aiming to stay in academia. A range of topics are covered and you are welcome to attend all or some of them.

Full programme:

Planning Your Job Hunt for Master's Students

Not sure where your Masters degree can lead to and/or the best way to find a job that is right for you?This introductory talk will help you to:

• Explore techniques to help you generate viable options and to help you make effective decisions about what to do when you complete your Masters programme.
• Examine a variety of methods people use to find relevant positions, from responding to formal job adverts to making contacts with key people who can help you uncover hidden opportunities.

Find and Fund a PhD

Considering applying for a PhD after completing your Master's programme? This introductory talk will cover the following areas:

• What is a PhD?
• How best you can source opportunities for PhD study
• Deadlines for applications
• What is different about applications and interviews for PhDs?
• Sources of funding, including public funding bodies and employers

Applying for a PhD

Considering applying for a PhD after completing your Master's programme? This introductory talk will cover the following areas:

• Gain insight as to the best ways to approach potential Supervisors
• Understand the key elements of an effective Research Proposal
• Receive specific CV and Covering Letter advice for PhD applications

Effective Applications

How to write an effective CV or application form whether you are applying for a job or a further study position. This introductory talk will cover the following areas:

• How to identify the 'added value' skills you have gained during your Masters course
• How to best market your Masters qualification on a CV
• How to fill in the open-ended questions or personal statement of an application form.

Using Social Media with impact

This introductory talk will help you to:

• Understand why it is a good idea to engage with social media by looking at how employers use social media to engage with students and graduates
• Understand the importance of personal branding and how to make an impact online
• Look at how to grow online networks and get advice across social media channels, in particular using LinkedIn

PhD Interviews

This introductory talk will help you to:

• Gain insight as to the format of a PhD interview, and what types of questions are asked in a PhD interview.
• Understand what other activities else might be involved ‘on the day’.
• Understand what personal qualities and behaviours impact positively.

Succeeding at Interviews and Assessment Centres

This introductory talk will cover the following area:

• How to determine what interviewers are really looking for and how to successfully answer "difficult" questions.
• Provide an overview of the type of exercises that are used during typical assessment centres.

Registration is available on the UCL Careers website

Please note: These workshops are open to Master's students of any degree discipline and aim to develop generic skills that can be applied to all career areas.

For further information and to check the slides available after the workshops please go to the Careers Service website. The slides are available after the last session scheduled on the website has been delivered.

The Careers Service also run MBTI Personality Profiling Workshops as an invaluable addition to these sessions.

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B3) Professional and career development

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Registration information will be available in due course.

Page last updated: 23rd April 2015