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Researcher Development Framework  

Domain A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities

A1 - Knowledge base

A2 - Cognitive Abilities

A3 - Creativity

Domain B: Personal effectiveness

B1 - Personal qualities

B2 - Self management

B3 - Professional and career development

Domain C: Research organisation and governance

C1 - Professional conduct

C2 - Research management

C3 - Finance, funding and resources

Domain D: Communication, influence and impact

D1 - Working with others

D2 - Communication and dissemination

D3 - Engagement and Impact

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 Upcoming Courses

 Date  Course Title  Places
28 MayPhilosophy of Science Workshop Programme
28 May 2015: Scientific Representations
places available
28 MayCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
28 May 2015: Using Social Media in your Job Hunt
places available
1 JunKey Concepts in Science and Technology Studies
1 Jun 2015: Who is Responsible if Someone Uses Research to Cause Harm?
places available
1 JunGeneric Skills 3 - For Those Coming to the End of Their PhD
Mon 1 June 2015
2 JunEffective Negotiation Skills
2 Jun 2015
2 JunInterdisciplinary Studies of Evidence
2 Jun 2015: Basing it on the Evidence: an Anthropological Perspective
places available
3 JunProject Management
3-4 Jun 2015
4 JunNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Researchers
4 June 2015
9 JunInterdisciplinary Studies of Evidence
9 Jun 2015: Fieldwork and Evidence in Social Anthropology
places available
12 JunWriting, Memory and the Archive: Deconstructing the Research Process
12 June 2015
15 JunAn Introduction to Semi-Structured Interviews
15 June 2015
15 JunThe Space In-Between: Benefits and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research
15 June 2015
places available
16 JunIntroduction to Qualitative Analysis
16 June 2015: Introduction to Qualitative Analysis
17 JunIntroduction to Working with NVIVO 10
17-18 Jun 2015
22 JunCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
22 June 2015: Non Academic Applications
places available
24 JunOvercoming Writer's Block for Research Students
24 June 2015
places available
3 JulCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
3 July 2015: Career Planning Beyond Academia
places available
6 JulSkills for Teamwork
6+13 July 2015
places available
7 JulCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
7 July 2015: Interviews and other selection Methods
places available
9 JulCareer Options for Biomedical Scientists
9 July 2015
 Yes Places available; No Waiting list available