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Upcoming Courses

 Date Course Title Places
10 OctSPM: Statistical Parametric Mapping courses
8-10 Oct 2015: SPM for fMRI and MRI/VBM
12 OctCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
12 Oct 2015: Effective Academic Applications
12 OctWriting Skills 1 and 2
12 Oct 2015: Writing Skills 1: Basic Elements of Texts
13 OctEndNote for life and medical sciences students
13 Oct 2015
13 OctOverview of Library Resources for Graduates
13 Oct 2015
places available
13 OctBibliographic Referencing (EndNote X7)
Bibliographic Referencing (EndNote X7)
14 OctPronunciation and Academic Speaking for Learners of English
14 Oct-2 Dec 2015
14 OctAcademic Writing
14 October 2015
14 OctCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
14 Oct 2015: Presenting your skills to Non Academic recruiters
14 OctMaking Your Thesis Legal - & Depositing it Online
14 Oct 2015
places available
15 OctPreparing For Your Viva
15 October 2015
15 OctEmployer-Led Careers Skills Workshops
15 Oct 2015: Introduction to Negotiation Skills with Capco
places available
15 OctGeneric Skills 1 - For those at the start of their PhD
15 Oct 2015
16 OctGenerating Grant Funding
16 October 2015
16 OctWriting Skills 1 and 2
16 Oct 2015: Writing Skills 2: The IMRD Structure
17 OctIMLR Saturday Research Training Workshops: Projects in Modern Languages
17 October 2015
places available
19 OctCopyright and Intellectual Property
19 Oct 2015
places available
19 OctCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
19 Oct 2015: Marketing Yourself in Person
20 OctHow to work a room: Smart Networking and Socialising
20 Oct 2015
21 OctIntroduction to Doctoral Skills Development and the Research Student Log
21 Oct 2015
W- Waiting list available!

DSDP website is continuously updated throughout the year and not all courses are immediately available for registration. Sessions without the dates have not been confirmed yet - please check the website again in a few weeks, or see our Weekly Bulletin for updates.

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