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Upcoming Courses

 Date Course Title Places
26 NovConfidence Building
19 Nov - 17 Dec 2015
26 NovYour PhD Part 2 - Management Skills for Researchers
26 Nov 2015
places available
26 NovEmployer-Led Careers Skills Workshops
26 Nov 2015: Interview technique with Ark Schools
places available
26 NovUnderstanding Statistical Concepts in Research
17-27 Nov 2015
26 NovWriting Applications for Funding
Writing Applications for Funding
26 NovResearch and the Media: Spreading the Word (Developing Your Research Career Workshop Series)
26 November 2015
27 NovConnecting with the public: Research Communication, Public Engagement and Outreach
Part Two: How to Engage: Practical Public Engagement - 27 Nov 15
places available
27 NovYour PhD Part 3 - Managing and Producing Your Thesis and Reports
27 Nov 2015
places available
28 NovIntroduction to Statistics (Review)
Introduction to Statistics
30 NovKey Concepts in Science and Technology Studies
30 Nov 2015: Science and the Cold War
30 NovAnimal Research: Critical, Challenging & Creative Thinking
30 Nov-1 Dec 2015
places available
1 DecMindfulness Meditation
Tue 17 Nov - 15 Dec 2015
1 DecPublic Engagement 1: Introduction to Public Engagement
1 December 2015
1 DecCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
1 Dec 2015: Using Social media in your Job Hunt
2 DecPronunciation and Academic Speaking for Learners of English
14 Oct-2 Dec 2015
2 DecBuilding up Emotional Strength as a Researcher
18 Nov - 16 Dec 2015
places available
2 DecEndNote: Basic Training in Electronic Bibliographic Techniques for Humanities and Social Science Students
2 December 2015: EndNote I
2 DecLiterature searching using PubMed
2 Dec 2015
2 DecStatistics for Researchers
Scientific Method, Probability & Statistics: 11 Nov-9 Dec 2015
places available
3 DecGiving a Seminar or Conference Paper in the Humanities or Social Sciences
3 December 2015
3 DecAdvanced and systematic literature searching using biomedical databases, for life and medical sciences students
3 Dec 2015
3 DecGeneric Skills 3 - For those near the end of their PhD
3 December 2015
3 DecDigital Identity and Scholarship
5 Nov and 3 Dec 2015
places available
3 DecInsight into Education and Communications Careers Employer Forum for PhDs and Researchers
3 Dec 2015
places available
4 DecCreativity and Craft for Writing Your PhD
20 Nov+4 Dec 2015: Arts/Humanities & Social Science
4 DecMBTI Foundation – Self-awareness and personality development
4 Dec 2015
places available
4 DecHow to write a paper for publication
4 and 11 Dec 2015
4 DecIntroduction to Data Management in the Social Sciences
Introduction to Data Management in the Social Sciences
5 DecIMLR Saturday Research Training Workshops for: Digital Languages
5 December 2015
7 DecPostgraduate Funding: Considering the Alternatives
7 Dec 2015
7 DecIntroduction to MATLAB
7-11 December 2015
7 DecCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
7 Dec 2015: Marketing Yourself to Non Academic recruiters
7 DecOral Presentations: What makes it good?
7 December 2015
8 DecYour PhD Part 1 - Reading for a PhD - The First Important Steps
8 Dec 2015
8 DecEndNote: Basic Training in Electronic Bibliographic Techniques for Humanities and Social Science Students
8 December 2015: EndNote II
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DSDP website is continuously updated throughout the year and not all courses are immediately available for registration. Sessions without the dates have not been confirmed yet - please check the website again in a few weeks, or see our Weekly Bulletin for updates.

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