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 Date Course Title Places
7 MayMatlab for Cognitive Neuroscience
Module 3: Data analysis and Computational Modelling
places available
7 MayAll-In-One for Part-Time Research Students
7 May 2015
places available
7 MayConnecting with the public: Research Communication, Public Engagement and Outreach
Part 3: Engaging with Public Audiences: Extended Activity Development
places available
8 MayPhilosophy of Science Workshop Programme
8 May 2015: Models in Science
9 MayIMLR Saturday Research Training Workshop: Before, during and after the PhD
9 May 2015
11 MayKey Concepts in Science and Technology Studies
11 May 2015: Scientific Classification and Scientific Realism
places available
11 MayAdaptive Modelling of Complex Data
11-15 May 2015
11 MayRegressions with R
11+12 May 2015
11 MayAn introduction to MATLAB for busy students
11-13 May 2015
11 MayAcademic Writing
11 May 2015
11 MaySkills for Conflict Resolution
11+18 May 2015
places available
11 MaySPM: Statistical Parametric Mapping courses
11-12 May 2015: SPM for MEG/EEG
places available
12 MayImage Preparation for Publication: An Introduction to Photoshop
12 May 2015
12 MayEndNote for life and medical sciences students
12 May 2015
12 MayStatistical Analysis Methods for Epidemiology and Social Sciences
BLOCK 3: 12 May 2015
12 MayIntroduction to Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy
12 and 13 May 2015
12 MayIntroduction to Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy
12 and 14 May 2015
13 MayPronunciation and Academic Speaking for Learners of English
6 May-24 Jun 2015
13 MayDeveloping Skills in Public Engagement in the SOCIAL SCIENCES
May 2015
13 MayLiterature searching using PubMed
13 May 2015
W- Waiting list available!

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