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Upcoming Courses

 Date Course Title Places
6 JulUnderstanding Statistical Concepts in Clinical Research
SPSS Add-on: 2-7 July 2015
6 JulSkills for Teamwork
6+13 July 2015
places available
7 JulThe Art of Teaching: Theatre Techniques for the Classroom
7-9 Jul 2015
places available
7 JulCareers Consultant-Led Skills Workshops
7 July 2015: Interviews and other selection Methods
8 JulUCL GRADschool Residential Programme
8-10 July 2015
places available
9 JulCareer Options for Biomedical Scientists
9 July 2015
13 JulCreativity, Spontaneity & Confidence in Presentations
13 Jul 2015
15 JulStorytelling Skills for Teachers & Presenters
15 Jul 2015
15 JulLiterature searching using PubMed
15 Jul 2015
places available
20 JulCommunicating & Presenting without Stress!
20 Jul 2015
30 JulSearching Medical Databases
30 Jul 2015
places available
5 AugLiterature searching using PubMed
5 Aug 2015
places available
6 AugEndNote for life and medical sciences students
6 Aug 2015
places available
W- Waiting list available!

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Domain A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities

A1 - Knowledge base

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B1 - Personal qualities

B2 - Self management

B3 - Professional and career development

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C1 - Professional conduct

C2 - Research management

C3 - Finance, funding and resources

Domain D: Communication, influence and impact

D1 - Working with others

D2 - Communication and dissemination

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