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Image Preparation for Publication: An Introduction to Photoshop

Course Description

*Please note, this course deals mainly with photographic images*

High quality illustrations are always required for publication, but what if the image that best illustrates your point is damaged or under-exposed? Alternatively you may have great images, but if you submit them in the wrong format your paper will stand a good chance of rejection.

This one-day course is designed to help you overcome these problems. Using Adobe Photoshop it aims to show you how to get the best out of your images and the programme, whether your end result is for publication, thesis, lecture or web page. The full day course is intended as an introduction to Photoshop and will consist of a morning tutorial session followed by an afternoon workshop where you can practise your skills! If you have any images of your own that you wish to work on you can bring them along to this session.

The course will cover use of the Photoshop tools, how to accurately annotate and add scale bars to images, suitable scanning resolutions, how to use layers and channels, page layout, image restoration and RGB/CMYK conversion. It will also include how to avoid basic mistakes and tips and shortcuts for easier use of the programme.

This workshop will take place in Room 526, Rockefeller Building, 21 University Street.  On entering the Rockefeller Building, take the lift in the foyer to the fifth floor.  When you get out of the lift you will see a telephone in front of you.  Dial x40904 for access.  This number is also on a board by the phone, and it is the double doors on the right that will open.  Alternatively you can take the stairs to the left of the main lift.  Directions to the Rockefeller Building can be found here

This course gives students the chance to receive personal training in a small group environment.

There are only three places available on each workshop.

It is particularly important that students ensure that they are free to attend on the date selected. 

We offer several repeats of the same workshop. Please book only one session; if you are placed on the waiting list DO NOT show up uninvited - the tutor is not able to admit more students and you will be asked to leave.

"It is a very useful course indeed!"

"This course is great for learning how to prepare figures in the best way! The small group environment means that you can ask questions and get help on preparing your own figures."

"It was really useful to have PhotoShop described in a systematic way, it brought together all the aspects which I had picked up through trial and error and I learnt shortcuts for aspects I already used. As there was a small group size (only 3 people) the course was focussed on our abilities, with one to one assistance, rather than moving at the speed the slowest person in the group. It also meant that our instructor new that packages we had used before so could tailor her explanations according, for instance differences to Illustrator."

"This course was great. After I have always been hesitating to edit images myself, I now feel confident to do the most basic things myself. Jane, the course tutor is very helpful, and you can bring your own images and edit them to your hearts content. I have made my first business cards with my own design and photos on them. Highly recommended!"

"Figures can be crucial to the impression that a piece of research makes; this course will help you to present your images more clearly and more attractively."

"Never used or rusty with Photoshop?..... This is the course to take!"

Researcher Development Framework Categories

A1) Knowledge base
A2) Cognitive abilities

Course Recommended for

This course is particularly relevant to the following groups:

  • 1st Year Research Students
  • 2nd Year Research Students
  • 3rd Year Research Students
  • 4th Year Research Students

Course Organisers

  • Organiser - Ms Jane Pendjiky - (Cell and Developmental Biology)
  • Administrator - Ms Kasia Bronk - (Organisational Development)


Registration information will be available in due course.

Page last updated: 23rd April 2015