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Research Methods in the Social Sciences - Moodle Research Skills Module

Course Description

UCL Graduate School has collaborated with a number of other leading research intensive universities to commission a series of online modules delivered in Moodle covering a range of research skills important to the early career researcher.

Social science research helps us to understand, shape and critique the increasingly complex world in which we live. There is a wide range of approaches and methods available in the area, and social scientists need to choose the most appropriate. This requires them to have a clear understanding of the nature of social science research and of the issues involved in it.

Research Methods in the Social Sciences gives you an overview of the field, from the early stages of framing your research question, through the research, to writing up your findings, and then deciding on your next steps.

This course aims to:

  • introduce you to key concepts for social science research
  • explain key principles and issues affecting social science research
  • identify a range of strategies for data collection
  • help you locate additional specialist resources for specific topics.

Researcher Development Framework Categories

A1) Knowledge base
A2) Cognitive abilities
A3) Creativity

Course Recommended for

This course is particularly relevant to the following groups:

  • 1st Year Research Students
  • 2nd Year Research Students
  • 3rd Year Research Students
  • 4th Year Research Students
  • Students in Social & Historical Sciences

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Page last updated: 23rd April 2015