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Managing Technology Projects

Course Description

 "This is a fantastic training for all research students dealing with a novel research work. I was glad I attended."

This programme, organised by UCL Centre for Systems Engineering and the Technology Management Group at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, has been designed to provide knowledge and develop associated skills in the area of planning and managing technology projects in a business context.

Research collaboration between industry and universities is increasing, and more and more research students are working across the university/industry interface or will go on to work in industry on completion of their studies. Academics on the other hand, are increasingly required to show the likely commercial value of their research even when applying for grants.

This course will teach you how to develop technology that it is attractive to business, and how to manage the project that takes that technology from concept to delivery. Whether you are planning for a career in industry or academia, this programme could be vital to you.

The programme consists of three complementary two-day courses which can be taken separately or together (in any order).

The courses are (please click on the heading for more details):

Technology Management

This course focuses on how we should prioritise and plan potential technology projects, including aspects of effectiveness, cost, time and risk. Technology roadmapping and scenario planning are introduced as means of planning for an uncertain future. Finance, marketing, management of innovation and strategy are also discussed.

The Knowledge part of the course includes topics such as:

  • Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chains
  • IPR Ownership and Exploitation
  • Finance and Economics
The Skills covered include:
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Scenario Planning
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Valuing Investments
  • Presentation Skills
  • Working in a Team

Project Management

This course looks at how small research projects can be managed effectively. It introduces key concepts like the tension between quality, cost and schedule for a project and highlights some of the different pressures in academic research projects and industrial research and development.

The Knowledge part of the course includes topics such as:

  • The Project Triangle (quality, cost, schedule)
  • Project Development Stages
  • Project Progress Monitoring
  • Constraints: Resources and the Critical Path
  • Project Management vs Uncertainty
The Skills covered include:
  • Formulating Objectives and Goals
  • Using Work Breakdown Structures
  • Using Scheduling Charts (e.g. Gantt charts and Networks)
  • Reporting Progress and Understanding Progress Reports
  • Using a Risk Log
  • Working in Project Teams
  • Working with Project Sponsors
  • Presentation Skills

Risk Management

This course investigates risk and discusses the different sources of risk for projects and how risks and opportunities can be effectively managed in technology projects. Case studies of project failure are discussed to learn how to improve system integrity.

The Knowledge part of the course includes topics such as:

  • Definition of Risk
  • Sources of Risk
  • Causes of Project Failure
  • Systems Engineering
  • Robust Design
  • Design for Extreme Environments


The Skills covered include:

  • Fault Trees
  • Decision Trees
  • Compiling Risk Registers
  • Presentation Skills
  • Working in a Team


A team of experienced trainers from UCL presents the courses using a combination of lectures, group exercises, case studies and discussions. As well as providing a broad perspective of managing technology projects for business it gives students an opportunity to interact in a lively, challenging and thought-provoking way, with many opportunities for students to develop their presentation and team-working skills

"The course was well delivered in a very friendly, engaging and challenging atmosphere. The coordinator was well suited for the course because of his wide level of experience"

"The course is absolutely relevant for anyone that will ever carry out any level of planning."

"This course was highly interactive and enhanced my management skills through audio-visual and practical exercises. Well done."

"This is a fantastic training for all research student dealing with a novel research work. I was glad I attended."

Researcher Development Framework Categories

B3) Professional and career development
C2) Research management

Course Recommended for

This course is particularly relevant to the following groups:

  • 2nd Year Research Students
  • 3rd Year Research Students

Course Organisers

  • Course Tutor - Dr Michael Emes - (Space & Climate Physics)
  • Course Tutor - Mr Matthew Whyndham - (Space & Climate Physics)
  • Course Tutor - Mr Simon Jackson - (Space & Climate Physics)
  • Course Tutor - Dr Laura Mullin - (Space & Climate Physics)
  • Administrator - Ms Kasia Bronk - (Organisational Development)


Registration information will be available in due course.

Page last updated: 23rd April 2015