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Maximising Your Potential Part 1: Introduction to Skills Development and the Research Student Log

Course Description

Induction Session for Research Students and Supervisors

This interactive session presents tools that researchers will be using throughout their degree programme for self-assessment and self-directed development of the broader knowledge, skills and attributes expected from today's researchers.

The two and a half hour session will introduce new research degree students to the UCL Graduate School Skills Development Programme and the Research Student Log, showing how they can maximise their potential and research experience whatever their intended career paths. Specific guidance will be given in identifying both areas of relative strength and areas to be developed, taking an evidence-based approach to the development of both.

Consideration is also given to communication and meeting management, to ensure that meetings with your research supervisors and advisors produce outcomes which are productive for all concerned.

Session Outline 

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Skills Development at UCL
  • Self Assessment and Planning
  • Milestones in the Research Degree
  • Project meeting management
  • Research Student Log
  • Questions 

The session is highly recommended to all new research students and useful to supervisors.

This workshop is also part of the of the Maximising Your Potential (MYP) programme, part 1. The aim of the MYP programme is to enable researchers to develop the strategies and tools needed to make postgraduate learning more satisfying and productive. The complete MYP programme comprises:

  1. Part 1: Introduction to Skills Development and the Research Student Log
  2. Part 2: Personal and Professional Management Skills Residential Course
  3. Part 3: Facilitation Skills Training & Development
  4. Part 4: Leadership and Management Residential Course

The different parts of the MYP programme may be selected as needs dictate.

There will be three Induction sessions in 2012/13:

  1. Monday 29 October 2012 in Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre
  2. Wednesday 14 November 2012 in Cruciform B304 Lecture Theatre 1
  3. Wednesday 30 January 2013 in Christopher Ingold XLG2 Auditorium

Please register for only one of these sessions. Supervisors do not need to register. 

"This session enabled me to identify skills to be developed and provided me with the tools to do so."

"The course 'sharpened' my motivation in making the most of the opportunities studying here."

Researcher Development Framework Categories

B2) Self-management

Course Recommended for

This course is particularly relevant to the following groups:

  • 1st Year Research Students

Course Organisers

  • Course Tutor - Prof David Bogle - (Chemical Engineering)
  • Course Tutor - Ms Daniela Bultoc - (Organisational Development)
  • Course Tutor - Dr Paul Walker - (CALT - Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching)
  • Administrator - Ms Kasia Bronk - (Organisational Development)

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Registration information will be available in due course.

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